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[Profil] Tokoh - Tokoh Dunia Favoritku - Napoleon Bonaparte

Well para user , ,
hho . . hari ini SAYA akan mem post kan tentang tokoh-tokoh dunia favorit saya . .
mereka merupakan ahli di bidangnya masing masing . . ataupun juga ahli di berbagai bidang . . post ini berupa serial, dan akan berlanjut terus. dan saya akan menulisnya dalam bahasa inggris.

masa depan saya , saya harapkan bisa menjadi salah satu dari mereka . . menjadi sejajar dengan mereka . . itu gampang bila saya niat dan fokus , , okay . .

saya tidak menyukai semua karakter atau kepribadian mereka, , yang saya suka hanya sebagian yang baik-baik saja . . contoh: Napoleon Bonaparte , , dia itu seorang komandan militer hebat, ,mempunyai skill kepemimpinan,hebat dalam mengatur negara. . namun emosinya tak terkendali,tidak seperti pikirannya yang hebat.. ..
nah, moga moga nih , , saya diwarisi Traits" yang bagus" . . hho. .

okay . . here are they :


-Napoleon Bonaparte (Dictator Of France)

This is the greatest person in history , from my vision.. i dont know why , ,but when i am child, ,i read and being told of his story. i was very amazed . . how could one person,conquers thousands and milions of others ? ? his tale and spirit is always in my mind and heart . .

From his child , Napoleon was already atrracted to military things. he used to collect bullets from battlefield. he LIKED it.me TOO. his bravery was unmatch to others. me?not yet. when his friends mock him and disturb him,he bravely challenge them. regardless of age,and body size. he used to fight with others that is older and taller than himself. i cant understands,how this kind of mind is develop. he has no fear. . how could? ? I WANT TO HAVE BRAVERY LIKE SO.

He also known as Brilliant Strategist. Well, in his battles, he fought both Bravely and Smartly. His enemies is unmatch for him. In one of his battle,he exterminate the russian army by just bombarding them from the mountain. that,isnt usual. because Napoleon saw that,the Russian army was marching on the ice. the ice was a lake that frozen because the winter. so when he bombard them,he killed many of them.even the shot misses.because the ice is broken when the projectile hit it,and automatically,the troops around it,was drowned into the lake. . a genius who can see oportunies! I WANT TO HAVE BRILIANT MIND LIKE SO.(I AM^^)

But,the greatness of Napoleon,fall in the beauty of a woman. why do Great Leaders done so?? Soekarno was too. . later,after losing battle from the Russian army,he forced to retreat from his title,and excomunicated . he was exiled at the island. he died there. . tragically. The Song? Viva La Vida. .

Traits Of Napoleon That I WANT To Posses : Bravery , Brilliant , Great Leadership (Dealing(/Domination) With(/Over) People) , Totality , Passion , Ambition/Dream, Focus , Visionary ,Strong Willed, the SPIRIT .

I am As Brave As Napoleon!
I am As Brilliant As Napoleon!
I am As Total As Napoleon!
I am As Passionate As Napoleon!
I am As Visionary As Napoleon!
I am As Focus As Napoleon!
I Has A Great Dream/Ambition As Napoleon's!
I am As Strong Willed As Napoleon!
I am Dominating The People As Napoleon!

Let The World Trembles And Bow Before Me When My Name Is Spoken !


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